Symptoms of bad “good test”

It’s not only the test which fails are bad ones, sometimes the “passed” ones are bad as well if they fall into following category:

  • The test does not have any impact on the coverage/confidence; that means: if you remove it, you do not have less confidence; vice versa, you do not get extra confidence by adding it;
  • Freaky tests, sometimes it passed, sometimes it failed. People said, it’s ok, just rerun it.
  • Takes long time to execute, indicator of you need to refactor it.
  • Bad readability, confusing names could not help people understand the test intension.
  • Complex test, may need to decompose;
  • The test does not fail when the key tested functionality changes significantly;
  • Nobody dares to change the test;
  • One test covers multiple functionality 


The tests are passing but you can not get any confidence;  if you remove it, it does not change the coverage;


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