On the way to lean

Below are suggestions from one of the lean experts, think it might help if someone on the same journey as I:
  1. Read lots of books.  Reading lots of books allows you to get multiple perspectives and pick up different interpretations.  
  • started with the Poppendieck books (Lean Software Development, Implementing Lean Software Development, Leading Lean Software Development),
  • then the Womack books (Lean Thinking, Machine that Changed the World, Lean Solutions),
  • then the Liker books (Toyota Way, Toyota Way Fieldbook, Toyota Culture, Toyota Talent, Toyota Product Development System, Toyota Way to Lean Leadership),
  • then more classic works by Taiichi Ohno (Toyota Production System, Workplace Management).  
  • I like The Birth of Lean for a broader historical perspective.  I like Managing to Learn for A3 thinking, Learning to See for value stream mapping, and Getting the Right Things Done for hoshi kanri.  Toyota Kata is good for problem solving and leadership behaviour.  For product development, I like Lean Product and Process Development, the Kennedy books (Product Development for the Lean Enterprise; Ready, Set, Dominate), and the Reinertsen books (Managing the Design Factory, Principles of Product Development Flow).  It’s worth reading Kanban by David Anderson, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and possibly Lean Software Strategies

2. Do site visits.  I spent some time with a Lean community group based out of Parramatta which was interesting only because of the site visits they set up.  The Toyota plant in Altona, Victoria offers free plant tours.  You just need to call them.  I also did a Lean study tour in Japan.  I’d recommend the Japan Kaikaku Experience (http://us.kaizen.com/tours/what-is-the-japan-kaikaku-experience.html) if you want to do that.

3. Attend a Lean Summit.  http://www.lean.org.au

4. Try it out myself. Try using the problem solving approaches and other techniques to deal with the actual situations you are facing.

5. Subscribe to Lean blogs, this might go away after July 1 as google is dismissing its reader: http://www.google.com/reader/bundle/user%2F09865028432407852476%2Fbundle%2Flean


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