Visualizing code dependencies

When you want to improve your code, make it more testable, you start to realize there is too much dependencies within the code, far more complex than you can handle. There are several tools you could use to make it obvious so you can act on later.


If you’re working on Java, then there are a list of tools you could select from:

  1. : this could handle multiple projects, within a project …, but the graph takes a bit time to understand;
  2. Structure101 
    it provides an architecture review and a wealth of functionality including cyclical dependencies (also fat classes etc..) and the ability to ‘experiment’ by moving classes into different packages to reduce coupling.You can view the dependencies high level or drill down to the class level or even a mixture.
  3. CodeCity

Things to consider when choosing a tool:

1) Scalability of visualizing

2) Learning Curve

3) Integration with development toolchains

4) Experimental advice 

5) Opensource



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