Start build an mobile app from scratch

1. Created a source repo on “Bitbucket”

2. Created the corresponding directory on my local (Mac) and do the initialization as following:

  • git init
  • git remote add origin ssh://[user name]/[project repo]

3. Choose an mobile framework to start

There are two candidate platforms:  Calatrava and Cordova(PhoneGap). As Calatrava is pretty new, I would like to give it a try and evaluate it from a complete perspective:

  1. Document
  2. Community support
  3. Mobility
  4. Testabilty
  5. CIability
  6. Limitation

4. Get started with Calatrava

Calatrava can be found at:; more detail info can be found at:

5. Issues while creating first calatrava project

  • calatrava create toyCalatrava

{“template”=>”/Users/may/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p125/gems/calatrava-0.6.6/lib/calatrava/templates”, “dev”=>false, “no-ios”=>false, “no-droid”=>false, “no-web”=>false, “android-api”=>”17”}
android create project –name ‘toycalatrava’ –path ‘toyCalatrava’ –package com.toycalatrava –target android-17 –activity ToyCalatrava
Error: Target id is not valid. Use ‘android list targets’ to get the target ids.

==> Solution: update android SDK, to api 17 does solve the issue. Verify the result by using “android list targets”.

6. Project successfully build for web, android

7. Build issue on iOS, refer to .


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