Setup my own lab

Started to work on the project of “openmrs”, which is a medical open source project. It’s a web application built upon Java, MySql. In order to make it run on Mac, below is the steps on my machine, actually the documentation is pretty good and clear. I only write down what i did for reference:
  1. Apache service is under:
  • The application could be under ~/Sites
  1. Start tomcat: http://localhost:8080 (test tomcat service)
  • cd $CATALINA_HOME/bin
  • startup or shutdown
  1. Follow to install MySQL ; the
  1. OpenMRS is at http://localhost:8080/openmrs-standalone .

3 Responses to Setup my own lab

  1. Good luck! Let us know if you run into problems or need help!

  2. By the way: If you run the standalone version, you shouldn’t have to install Tomcat or MySQL — it’s all contained in the standalone app.

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