Setup Jmeter 2.6 on Mac

There are so many new releases today, Firefox just got updated to 10 and Jmeter to 2.6. Beach time gives me good chance to update all of this.

Here is the procedure on how to do so:

1. Download Jmeter 2.6 binary from; actually you can select to download source and compile by yourself as well;

2. Open a Terminal on Mac, go to the directory where the zip file is, verify MD5.

Command: md5

This shall give you the 20 value characters. It shall match the one on the download page when you click on “md5”

3. Go to Finder, unzip the binary and it will generate a new directory called “apache-jmeter-2.6”

4. In terminal, cd “apache-jmeter-2.6/bin”, then execute “sh ./”.

Now you’re ready try all the new features of Jmeter 2.6 now.


2 Responses to Setup Jmeter 2.6 on Mac

  1. rafailong says:

    This is greate, but

    how can i uninstall the jmeter in Mac os X?

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